a little history of this website

this site was originally created as potassiumMCR on 17 sept 2017.

originally created as a way for young me to escape his troubling life, it eventually evolved into a personal project.

i grew tired of keeping up the appearance that a younger me created and i burned out.

i archived the past version of myself on 9 may 2020 for one year minus a day.

and then the war was over.


[stolen from Openbooks, Caby & various MySpace surveys]

Name: [redacted]
Known aliases: PotassiumMCR, laguerreestfinie, others that are too personal
Age: somewhere between 13 and 21
Gender: male presenting
Pronouns: he/they
Zodiac: Leo sun Taurus moon
Myers Briggs: ENFP
Enneagram: 4w3
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Hair type: long thick wavy
Height: 5'11"
Blood type: A
Interests: Photography, music history, 2000's design, old websites
Influences: Mitsuo Shindo, Maki Nomiya, Hikaru Utada, Björk 1992-2003
Cell phone: iPhone 7 Plus
Current computer: MacBook Pro 13" (2020)
Operating systems: macOS Catalina, Windows XP SP3, iOS 14.4
First computer: My grandpa's old Dell laptop
First time online: Wikipedia circa 2009
Camera of choice: Nikon D3400, Polaroid OneStep
Languages spoken: English (native), Spanish (beginner)
Politics: Somewhere in the 3rd quadrant of the Political Compass
Religion: Agnostic
Favorite musicians: Pizzicato Five, Cibo Matto, BoA, Saint Etienne, Hikaru Utada, Björk, Charli XCX, Sonic Youth
Favorite albums: "Ultra Blue" by Hikaru Utada, "Pizzicato Five" by Pizzicato Five, " Stereo Type A" by Cibo Matto, "Post" & "Vespertine" by Björk, "You Think It's Like This..." by Mirah
Favorite songs: "La Guerre Est Finie" by Pizzicato Five, "Flight To Tashkent" by Saint Etienne
Certifications: 5th grade "most likely to be [blank]"
Current favorite video games: Minecraft, Pokemon Emerald
Current plushie count: *looks around for too long*
Favorite book: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Favorite food: Pesto pasta, garlic bread
Favorite drink: Snapple Raspberry Tea
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite texture: Velvet
Favorite time of day: 10 PM-12 AM
Favorite day of the week: Saturday
Birthstone: Peridot
Favorite font: Helvetica Neue or Didot
Favorite fruit: Peach
Favorite vegetable: Asparagus
Favorite month of the year: November
Favorite candy: Something involving peanut butter and chocolate


i named this version of the site after the song "la guerre est finie" by pizzicato five. it means "the war is over". i believe the song was named after the french movie of the same name.

the header font is helvetica neue bold italic. the color scheme was created from the coolors.co color generator.

home page photo is "pink lamp" by alle. [link]

about page photo is an untitled photo by fabien lemaire. [link]

blog page photo is "SR-71nose-pola" by aaron [link]

photography page photo is "img_0413" by karen [link]

cd's page photo is "believe half of what you see" by vox efx [link]

miscellaneous page photo is "think pink ..." by dennis skley [link]

links page photo is "looking down" by cassandra jowett [link]