it's been too long since i've updated this site... gotta love when your personal life gets in the way of your hobbies.

i registered a domain ayyy.... it's laguerreestfinie.com! it currently just redirects to this neocities page but in a couple months it's gonna link to a new and improved site.

to celebrate the rebirth of this page, here's a screenshot of it running on windows xp.

this last week has been kinda crazy. well not really kinda. let's start with the fact that one of my dogs died. you reading this is probably going to think me saying like that is a bit insensitive, but at this point i would rather just face the facts than wallow in my own ignorance and grief. secondly, i've been on a photography roll and i plan to add some more photos in the coming future. thirdly, i've been mapping out my plans for the pizzicato five site so if there's not much going on here, check over there.

some music i'm digging right now:
* physical - dua lipa
* concerto - pizzicato five
* bounce (feat. kyary pamyu pamyu) - charli xcx

hey. fun fact about me is that i have terrible vision. and today i got new glasses. and now i can see. feeling kinda dizzy.

some music i'm digging right now:
* about a girl - cibo matto
* big time sensuality (big time club mix) - björk
* rise and shine - the cardigans
* cloud aura (feat. brooke candy) - charli xcx

happy very late 2020. i've been busy with my personal life so i haven't really checked up on here lol. i also stopped working on reconstructing the website since my last blog post (which was sometime in early november) but one of my personal goals this year is at least finishing the site and getting it up. hopefully i will have the motivation to continue tweaking the site, but i'm gonna start with just getting it up.

some music i'm digging right now:
* technova (la em copacabana) - towa tei
* elastic girl - kahimi karie
* i am a kitten - kahimi karie
* don't call me baby - madison avenue

i took a weekend vacation to visit family and also to procrastinate on work. mostly chatted and i did shop a bit today although it was really more staring at stuff hoping money would spontaneously pop up so i could buy it. riding home listening to blonded radio was an experience and definitely introduced me to new music i'm definitely gonna check out.

some music i'm digging right now:
* optimo - liquid liquid
* caravan - liquid liquid
* mind your own business - delta 5
* moonshake - can
* cayendo (sango remix) - frank ocean
* hot wit u (nasty girl remix) - prince

the new pizzicato five compiliation is honestly kinda disappointing although i'm still happy we got a new release. if i have time i'll update that site as well. i made an inquiry somewhere about something i'm not gonna reveal yet but whatever i get back from that will determine the future of my site so let's see how that goes. as of typing this, it's still pending. work on the site has been pretty smooth but i did remove the beta version cause of said inquiry and also because i figured out the font kinks that i was trying to figure out. (update 11/07: i deleted the inquiry email i did cause i decided against my decision and i hadn't heard back. back to business baby.)

some music i'm digging right now:
* leafhound - saint etienne
* conchita martinez - saint etienne
* jolly bubbly lovely (cubis tout-jour remix) - pizzicato five
* the beautiful ones - prince
* telepathy - pizzicato five (my old website music some time ago)

hi. i kinda missed neocities so i'm coming back and completely starting from scratch cause a major reason why i left was because i kinda felt disillusioned with both my site and what neocities was becoming and i lost sight of why i created the site in the first place. so after several on and off revisits i'm just gonna start over with a simple blog post that isn't formatted at all whatsoever. my site turned 2! yay that's pretty fun, although i'm late by 2 months. i don't really know what else to put here so i'll just put what music i'm digging and some links that were on my old page in case you still care about that.

** come home with me baby (deadhouse dub) - dead or alive
** dhl - frank ocean
** who do you think you are - saint etienne
** 1999 / safe and sound (justice prep+ mix) - prince / justice
** can you keep a secret? - hikaru utada
** ice cream meltin' mellow - pizzicato five
** butterfucker - butter 08

you can browse the old site here (warning: links may be broken) & check out my discogs here.